straight1 W2S1 [streıt] adv
1¦(in a straight line)¦
4¦(one after the other)¦
6 think/see straight
7 straight away
8 go straight
9 straight up
10 straight from the shoulder
in a line or direction that is not curved or bent
straight ahead/at/down/in front of etc
The book is on the table straight in front of you.
She was looking straight at me.
Terry was so tired he couldn't walk straight.
He was sitting with his legs stretched straight out in front of him.
2.) ¦(POSITION)¦
in a level or correct position
He stopped in front of the mirror to put his tie straight.
Sit up straight, don't slouch.
immediately, without delay, or without doing anything else first
straight to/up/down/back etc
I went straight up to bed.
Go straight home and tell your mother.
straight after
I've got a meeting straight after lunch.
I think I should get straight to the point .
happening one after the other in a series
He's been without sleep now for three days straight.
5.) ¦(HONEST)¦ also straight out
if you say or ask something straight, you say it in an honest, direct way, without trying to hide your meaning
I just told him straight that I wouldn't do it.
She came straight out with it and said she was leaving.
I hope for your sake you're playing it straight (=being honest) .
I told him straight to his face (=speaking directly to him) what I thought of him.
6.) think/see straight
if you cannot think or see straight, you cannot think or see clearly
Turn the radio down, I can't think straight.
7.) straight away also straight off
BrE spoken immediately or without delay
I phoned my mum straight away.
8.) go straight informal
to stop being a criminal and live an honest life
Tony's been trying to go straight for about six months.
9.) straight upspoken
a) used to ask someone if they are telling the truth
Straight up? Did you really pay that much for it?
b) used to emphasize that what you are saying is true
No, straight up, I've never seen him before.
10.) straight from the shoulder
BrE informal if someone speaks straight from the shoulder, they say things in a very direct way, without trying to be polite
straight 2
straight2 W3S2 adj comparative straighter superlative straightest
1¦(not bending or curving)¦
4¦(one after another)¦
6 get something straight
7 set/put somebody straight
8 straight face
9¦(sexual choice)¦
10¦(alcoholic drink)¦
11¦(not owing money)¦
15¦(not funny)¦
16¦(only one type)¦
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: From an old past participle of stretch]
something that is straight does not bend or curve
a long, straight road
Try to keep your legs straight.
Always lift with a straight back.
her long, straight black hair
They sat down in a straight line .
The road was dead straight (=completely straight) .
level or upright, and not leaning to one side
Is my tie straight?
straight white teeth
3.) ¦(TRUTHFUL)¦
honest and truthful
I'd like a straight answer please.
Just give me a straight yes or no.
I think it's time for some straight talk now.
be straight with sb
I wish you'd just be straight with me.
4.) ¦(ONE AFTER ANOTHER)¦ [only before noun]
happening immediately one after another in a series
The team now has an amazing record of 43 straight wins.
5.) ¦(TIDY)¦ [not before noun]
a room that is straight is clean and tidy and everything is in its proper place
It took me two hours to get the house straight .
6.) get sth straight
spoken to understand the facts of a situation and be able to tell them correctly
I wanted to get the facts straight.
Let me get this straight - Tom sold the car and gave you the money?
7.) set/put sb straight
to make someone understand the true facts about a situation
Tell him to ask Ruth - she'll put him straight.
8.) straight face
if you have a straight face, you are not laughing or smiling even though you would like to
I found it very difficult to keep a straight face .
9.) ¦(SEXUAL CHOICE)¦ informal
someone who is straight is attracted to people of the opposite sex
a straight alcoholic drink has no water or any other drink added to it
a straight whisky
11.) ¦(NOT OWING MONEY)¦ [not before noun]
spoken if two people are straight, they no longer owe money to each other
If you give me £10 then we're straight.
12.) ¦(CHOICE/EXCHANGE)¦ [only before noun]
a straight choice or exchange is between only two possible choices or things
It was a straight choice between my career or my family.
We did a straight swap - one of my cards for one of his.
13.) ¦(FIGHT/COMPETITION)¦ [only before noun]
a straight fight or competition is between only two people
The election is now a straight fight between Labour and the Conservatives.
14.) ¦(NORMAL)¦ informal
someone who is straight behaves in a way that is accepted as normal by many people but which you think is boring
15.) ¦(NOT FUNNY)¦
a straight actor or character does not try to make people laugh
16.) ¦(ONLY ONE TYPE)¦
completely one particular type of something
It's not a straight historical novel.
17.) ¦(DRUGS)¦ informal
someone who is straight does not take illegal drugs
set/put the record straight atrecord
straight 3
straight3 n
1.) [singular] especially BrE the straight part of a ↑racetrack
2.) the straight and narrow
old-fashioned an honest and morally good way of life
3.) informal
someone who is attracted to people of the opposite sex
≠ ↑gay

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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